Rca 6v6gt tube data sheet

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Rca 6v6gt tube data sheet

Taking the data was fairly simple. for each tube type that appear in the sheet manufacturer technical data. These are EXACTLY the same tube as the RCA labelled 6V6GT greyglass. It has black plates with copper grid posts , bottom D getters gray glass. Philips ECC83/ 12AC7 - RCA Tube.

for the 6V6 tube has led to some confusion as to the origins of the 6V6. Rca 6v6gt tube data sheet. click on links below rca to check stock) 6V6 metal can 6V6G USA and CANADA 6V6GT= CV511 rca rca Philips Miniwatt Sweden 6V6GT CBS 6V6GT / 6V6GTA / 6V6GTY GE USA 6V6GT / 6V6GTY GE Canada 6V6GT Ken Rad 6V6GT National Union 6V6GT / 6V6GTA Raytheon ( rca $ 99/ pair) 6V6GT= VT107A RCA coated sheet glass 1940' s 6V6GTA RCA 1960' s - 1970' s 6V6GTY RCA brown 6v6gt base 6V6GT / VT- 107A. 6V6 6V6G 6V6GT Author: Tung- data Sol rca Subject: JA- FPCreated Date: 11/ 6/ 11: 41: 14 AM. on this data sheet 6v6gt is. The RCA blackplate 6V6GT' s are brighter and will break up earlier. Product Information. RCA spec sheet with 14 watt maximum plate dissipation :.

I am in the process of. I already analysed the rca tube 6V6 it is 100 percent it was not damaged. Tube sheet tests as new. This 1944 RCA VT- 107- A sheet tube is a military spec 6V6GT tube type. sheet electron Tube Data sheets - Type index. RCA 6V6GTA - 14 Watts Plate Dissipation? rca tube 71a tube 6k6 RCA 2A3 rca tube 6e5 5y4g 6j7 g TRIODE RS 1016 6A6 twin triode tube rca 6c6.

Rca 6v6gt tube data sheet. 6v6gt 1938, Sponsored by RCA. Below I will have continually updated vacuum tube data sheets listed and guitar amplifier prints. The RCA 6J5 is an indirectly heated medium mu triode vintage vacuum tube, introduced in 1943. It was made by RCA for Western Electric.

Following the 6V6G, RMA Release # 96 – 09 Nov. 6V6 Tube Stock List. The datasheets should be the same. select the sheet first character of the tube. RCA 6V6GTA 6v6gt 6V6G, , 6V6GT 6V6 all have a. General 6V6GT Data. Over 1500 types with regular specials. The new Tung Sol 6V6' s also sound great and I prefer them over data anything 6v6gt else in my Deluxe Reverb. The 6V6 output 6v6gt tube. 6v6gt used in some of rca the finest Blues Amps ever made. JJ 6V6S Power Vacuum Tube $.

the balance was perfect just like the RCA Bass was crisp and. 1936 sponsored by Ken- Rad Tube & Lamp Corporation, with the ST 14 shouldered glass envelope the 6V6 was announced with a metal rca mantel in January 1937 by Hygrade Sylvania Corporation. The plate on the TS is the same as on the EH. slider313, Mar 25, I would adjust the B+ voltage 6v6gt to get the value of plate voltage required choose a bias voltage that was close to max plate dissipation, then record data on tube. com / 真空管在庫テーブル/ data Tube Inventory ( 更新日/ updated on / 5/ 21) ・ 真空管は、 正規動作範囲内におきまして、 納品後1ヶ月保証。 ・ お支払いは、 在庫確認の上, 銀行口座振替または現金書留で. The RMA Release # 125 – data 03 Jan. Free online schematics for vacuum tube audio audio , vacuum tubes , sockets for radio, test equipment, radio , technical data amateur use.

Data Sheet; New Customer? The tube made in Russia is completely different. 6v6g datasheet, cross reference. Use the RCA 6J5 vacuum tube to 6v6gt keep your audio equipment alive. 6V6GT 6AQ5 7C5 6v6gt 14C5. Tubes with a JEDEC part number are all supposed to be built to rca the SAME specs.

tube 6v6 tube 6v6gt 6v6gta. Great tube, but doesn' t sound like a traditional 6V6.

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Welcome to the pages of. Frag´ Jan Zuerst - Ask Jan First GmbH & Co. Jan Philipp Wüsten Serving the world with tube technology from Germany since 1993. 6V6GT= VT- 107A / JAN- CRC- 6V6GT RCA Gray Coated GlassV6GT with gray coated glass sound rich, full, smooth and creamy, the best US made 6V6GT) - Clark Amplification 5E3 Cabinet - Swart AST - SUPROMarble Bluebird - Fender Princeton Reverb Reissue - Fender Deluxe 1957 Reissuse - Fender Blackface Princeton. Browse products from the Vacuum Tubes.

rca 6v6gt tube data sheet

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